All About Worms!

What is vermi-compost? It is a box.  It is a house for worms.  The worms like  to eat in the box.  They are turning food into dirt.  We put the dirt in the garden.   
By: F and M

What do worms like to eat?
Worms like to eat oranges, cucumbers, strawberries, bananas, apples, melons,  lettuce, mango, cherries, grapes, beans, mushrooms, pumpkin and squash.  Worms love egg shells and coffee.
By: I

What can't worms eat?
Worms cannot eat chips, cookies, eggs, onions, meat, milk or fat.  They cannot eat pineapple, lemon and garlic.  If worms eat these foods they will be sick.
By: A

What kind of habitat do worms like?
Worms like their habitat to be wet and dark.

Worms and Me
Worms have a little mouth but I have a big mouth.  I have one heart but worms have five hearts.  Worms don't have eyes.
By: D