How to Build a Vermi-Compost

A group of  primary ESL students built a vermi-compost.  They tell how to build one of your own.

 You Need:
You need water.  Worms like it wet.
You need paper.  Worms don't like lights.  They hide under the paper.
You need soil for the worms bedding.
You need paper in the  bin and the bin has holes so the worms can breathe.

You need worms.  Worms turn food scraps into soil.

To Do:

1.  You need to rip newspapers into strips to make bedding for the worms.
2.  We  poured a little bit of  water on to the dirt. We took  the water out the night  before.
3.  We put the worms in the box.

By: S, F, M, M, D, I, A, and V